💸Prize Strategies

Customize how a Prize Pool distributes prizes

A Prize Strategy handles prize distribution for a Prize Pool. When a Prize Pool is constructed it is configured with a Prize Strategy. The Prize Strategy has the privileged ability to award tokens from the Prize Pool.

The most popular Prize Strategy offering is the Multiple Winner strategy. Earlier versions (< v3.1.0) of the protocol used the Single Random Winner strategy, which is now a trivial subset of Multiple Winners (with numberofWinners = 1).

Prize Strategies must implement the Token Listener interface so that they can be aware of the full token lifecycle.

Privileged Actions

A Prize Pool's Prize Strategy is able to award tokens held by the Prize Pool contract. The Prize Strategy is able to:

Required Behaviour

A Prize Strategy must implement the Token Listener interface so that it can listen to pool token mint, transfer and burn actions by the Prize Pool.

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