🏛️ Overview

The Role of Governance
The PoolTogether protocol will be transitioning to decentralized governance. In the meantime, the core team serves as the interim governance body.
PoolTogether Governance broadly serves two mandates:
  • Protocol improvement
  • Prize Pool management

Protocol Improvement

Governance will guide the evolution of the protocol towards the goal of building products that create financial health. The primary functions of governance are to:
  • Set rewards for prize pool users
  • Approve & implement new yield sources for prize pools
  • Implement new prize strategies
In addition to these core functions governance may:
  • propose integrations with L2 systems
  • Add additional prizes or rewards
  • subsidized transactions
  • insurance coverage
  • Anything else!

Prize Pool Management

Governance also manages its own set of Prize Pools. These Prize Pools are displayed on the official PoolTogether App.


All Prize Pools link to a global protocol Comptroller. The Comptroller is owned by governance, and determines the reserve rate and rewards Prize Pools.